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The IoBM Library is committed to support the Institution’s mission to cultivate excellence in learning and teaching that encourages intellectual, personal and social growth of students, faculty, staff and the community. In keeping with this mission, the Library provides convenient and effective access to quality library services, collections, and information in a variety of formats. The IoBM library aims to be an inspiring centre of Education by supporting Institution’s academic and research activity by providing a supportive environment. The centrally air-conditioned library building with basement and four floors are built on an area of 38,327 sq.ft. The main stock is located in the basement with a capacity of 100,000 books. Currently there are about 50600 resources including books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, videos reference material, and a number of subscribed database, journals and Business Magazines in print, and access to electronic databases and journals through the HEC Digital Library and JSTOR. The Library has 68 computer systems with free access to the internet for research purposes. Library collection can be search through an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)generated by Library management software OPALS which is cloud based and  can be access online 24/7 from any PC connected with internet.


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